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This is Steve Walcoff, Motorcars’ Service & Parts Director. If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked me what they should do to prepare their car for winter, I’d jingle everywhere I walk!
To save you a nickel (and possibly a night stuck in a snowdrift), here’s the answer that I always give:
• Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in your trunk. A good emergency kit includes a flashlight (yes, I know your phone can do that; I also know your phone battery is going to be working overtime figuring out the route to Grandma’s house and calling a tow truck if you get stuck), wool blanket and gloves, a bag of kitty litter to put under your tires and get you out of a tough spot, a bottle of windshield winter washer fluid (the low-temperature stuff), a bottle of coolant (both available from the Motorcars Parts Department), road flares.
• Check your coolant and antifreeze levels before any long trip. If you’re not sure how, ask us, Google, or Youtube. (But only we will send you on your way with the answer PLUS fresh-baked cookies.)
• Check your windshield wipers. Are they cracked? Are the frames bent or broken? You’re in luck! We probably have a coupon for new ones. Better to find out now than during that unexpected blizzard.
• Consider filling your tires with nitrogen. Because nitrogen is less subject to temperature change compression, it will help to keep your tire sensor light from annoying you unless your tire is really going flat. I’m sure we probably have a special for that going on, too.
• Buy a good, solid ice scraper. Your windows and ability to get home may depend on it. (In case you haven’t guessed, Parts sells those, too.)
• Let us check your alignment, battery, tire tread depth, and top off your fluids. We do all of these things for free because we want everyone to be safe. We service all makes & models, we’re open late (3 AM Monday through Thursday – no kidding – and until 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays), we can usually get you in the same day, and you’ll even get a free Rainforest Car Wash voucher out of it! Just call 216-321-9100.
• Consider purchasing Toyota’s ServiceCare Plan. Even if you don’t have a Toyota, ServiceCare provides 2 years of oil changes/tire rotations PLUS 2 years of roadside assistance for just $199.95. It’s worth it for that last part alone, especially if you don’t have AAA. It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is, either. Just call 216-321-9100 and we’ll answer any questions you may have and get you signed up.

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