January 5th, 2021 by

The auto industry has a reputation for taking advantage of Customers. At Motorcars Toyota, we don’t use tactics that are common elsewhere because we want you to come back again and again, for a new car, for service, car washes, collision work, and on and on.

When you don’t advertise on TV, radio, or in print, the only way that you can continue to grow after nearly 3 decades is to provide Customer for Life service during every visit, no matter what it’s for.

We believe that part of our CFL stewardship includes teaching you what to watch out for while shopping. Here are some examples:

1. “Forgetting’ taxes and fees. Many dealerships leave out taxes and fees when giving ‘out the door’ pricing, just to seem lower than anyone else. Unfortunately, they add them back in after you arrive.
2. Changing the agreed-upon term. Some finance managers increase the length of your loan or lease to make the monthly payment lower. This is fine if you know about it, but deceptive when you don’t, because you’re paying more for the car over a longer period of time, plus more interest and more tax.
3. ‘First pencil’ discounts. Some stores build discounts into their ‘first pencil’ quotes that they know you do not qualify for, then remove them once you are in their store.
4. Warranties & service plans. Another common practice in some finance offices is adding on purchased warranties or service plans that you didn’t ask for. The main rule here is to find out how much each plan costs, what it covers, whether you’re likely to need it (for example, buying a plan that covers the same things that the factory warranty already covers is wasting your money), and whether the cost of the plan is less than what the covered service would otherwise cost.