Answers to Your After-the-Sale Questions

July 21st, 2022 by

Congratulations on your new vehicle & welcome to the Motorcars Family! We hope you’ve had a fantastic experience and that we’ll see more of you in the future. 

Our goal is to create Customers For Life, and to assist in all aspects of car ownership with our Detail, Collision, and Service centers, and Showroom.

If you feel we’ve done an excellent job, please consider sending friends and family to us and reviewing us on Google. We’re family owned and promise to take great care of them as well!


I placed a special order for a new car. What happens next?

Excellent question! Once you have put down your deposit, our Inventory Manager places an order with the Toyota factory.

Once Toyota determines a tentative build week for your new car, your Product Specialist will contact you to let you know when that is.

Once or month or so  – or as more news comes from the Toyota factory – your Product Specialist will keep you up to date on any changes.

Once we have a firm production date, delivery is typically 30 – 45 days after that date. Your Product Specialist will then arrange a convenient day and time to walk you through your new car and complete any remaining paperwork.

If you have a trade-in vehicle, we will also create or update your appraisal at that time.

You are welcome to check in at any time with your Product Specialist, too. We’re here to help!

Do I need an Echeck before registering my new vehicle?

If you’ve purchased a new vehicle, no. 

If you’ve purchased a preowned vehicle, you’ll need an Echeck if one hasn’t been done in the last year. Sometimes there’s a record of that through Autocheck, otherwise the DMV will be able to tell you.

When will I get my title?

It will be mailed to the address we have on file for you. You should receive it in 4 weeks, give or take a week. It will arrive in a medium sized green and white envelope with our name and “legal documents enclosed”. If your tags are close to expiring and you haven’t received it yet, please reach out to your sales associate or the main line (above) so we can investigate.

How do I get new plates?

If you’ve leased a vehicle, the plates will be sent here and once they’ve arrived you can drive right through Service and they’ll put them on for you. If you haven’t heard from us that your plates are in and it’s been more than 4 weeks, reach out to your sales associate or call the main line (above) to check in; there may be a delay. You’ll renew leased plates in October, not your birth month.

If you’ve purchased a vehicle, then once your title or memorandum title arrives, you’ll take that to the DMV to get plates.

Can I transfer my old plates?

Yes, if they’re from the same state the car is registered in and also titled under the same name(s) as the previous vehicle. Once the title comes, you’ll take that to the DMV and ask for the plate transfer. DO NOT put those plates on your new car until that transfer is done at the DMV or it could result in looking like you’re driving a stolen vehicle.

What if the sticker falls off my temp tag or it’s not legible anymore?

That’s fairly common, especially in wet weather. Do your best to keep it intact and protected, but also keep a copy of the temp tag registration in your glove box in case this occurs.

How soon will the payoff on my trade be processed?

We process payoffs and mail checks out within a week, but the lienholder being paid often has multiple departments involved in processing the paperwork and sending us a title. It can take up to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly they process things on their end. 

I’ve had another payment taken out from my old car before the payoff was processed. What now?

Don’t worry, it will be refunded directly to you from your lienholder once the payoff is processed. 

I’ve paid off my car. How do I get the title or a lien release? 

Contact the lienholder/company that financed it. The title is sent to them after sale, and they’ll hold it until the loan is paid off.

When will I get my first bill, and can I pay that online?

Your first bill should arrive in the mail between 3-4 weeks from purchase. Once you have that, you can set up online bill payment for all following payments.

Where can I have service done? Where can I use my ToyotaCare coverage?

Here, we hope! ToyotaCare and certain extended warranties can be honored at 1400 Toyota locations if you’ve moved or are traveling. But if you’re in our area, make an appointment with an advisor upstairs. They’re fantastic, and Toyota has even brought other dealers in to learn from them!

When do I need to schedule my first service, and how do I do that?

If it wasn’t already set up, we recommend doing that as soon as possible. Especially if you have ToyotaCare, people tend to miss the first appointment and then often lose the last free service. We’ve found by scheduling that right away, guests are more often able to get their maintenance done on time. Call 216-321-9100 Option 2, and we’ll get everything set up for you!

How long between oil changes and tire rotations?

We use full synthetic oil, so it’s 10k miles/10 months between oil changes and 5k miles/5 months between rotations (whichever comes first).

What if this is a starter car to build/rebuild my credit? How soon can I trade into my dream car?

Depending on credit and interest rate and the car, typically people will start being able to trade out of a starter vehicle somewhere between 2-4 years of ownership and making consistent payments. 

Most guests see a credit boost from car payments between 6-12 months. Once your credit has improved and the car is paid down to a certain point, we can often look at upgrading you or helping you refinance to get a better rate. 

I keep getting calls, email messages, and/or physical mail about an extended warranty. Are those legit or a scam?

Probably a scam. Unless the communication comes from us, Toyota, or Protective/Costguard, it isn’t from an affiliated warranty company and you can ignore it.

I didn’t get gap coverage or a warranty, and now want to add those. Can I do that?

Great idea! Gap coverage unfortunately can only be added at point of sale here, but you may be able to call your car insurance company to add it through them later. There’s a good chance we can still add a warranty though! Reach out to the main number and ask to be transferred to Finance to purchase a warranty and they’ll check for you.

Where can I find more info on connected services and features?

YouTube has many videos on Connected Services. ToyotaJeff has some great demo videos on there, and Toyota itself releases overviews of all the newest safety and service features. has great information on each Connected Service.

You can press your SOS button…it actually connects directly to a Toyota operator who is an expert in Connected Services and can also transfer you to emergency services if you’re ever in a dangerous situation.

The Toyota Owners App is a great resource, and can also be accessed online at