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Toyota Offers Battery Recycling Program

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Toyota believes in keeping it green - that's why the Japanese auto maker has been ahead of the hybrid car competition for the last decade. Now, the company is reaching out to help those with electric car batteries recycle their used powerplants.

Traditional vehicles impliment lead-acid batteries; hybrid cars typically incorporate a separate nickel metal hydride (called NiMH) or Lithium-ion (called Li-ion) battery to generate electric power.
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Toyota Prius Pickup Concept

Back in 2007, a Toyota hybrid pickup truck concept was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show. It was surrounded in mystery before this unveiling, and even more so after.

The concept slipped into obscurity while the Japanese auto maker attempted to build up its already highly successful Prius nameplate.

Now that the company is thinking of branding off Prius into its own sub-brand (the sedan, and sportier coupe and other models) their supposed Prius pickup…
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Toyota Plans Six More Hybrids

Toyota is making its way to be the top seller of hybrid vehicles throughout the world. They've sold over a million Prius sedans since the 1990's.

The Japanese auto maker also has a plan to sell one million hybrid vehicles (Prius, Camry, Highlander, etc.) a year.
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Toyota Prius To Offer Noise & Alert Options

The Toyota Prius is the world's best selling and most quiet hybrid car. When the electric engine takes over control of the vehicle, you almost can't even hear it pass by. Well, this has been quite an issue in some areas, especially those with high pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Several accidents over the years involving a collision between hybrid cars and those on foot or pedaling has raised concerns that the Toyota Pius…
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Tesla Developing Two EVs for Toyota

Earlier this year, Tesla, best known for making all electric sports cars like the Roadster, joined forces with Toyota Motors. Their plan was to produce several green cars and share technologies.

Well, it looks as though the fruits of their labor are already paying off - Tesla and Toyota have announced two prototypes that will be coming out within the next couple of years. These concepts were produced by Tesla for the Japanese auto maker.

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