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Toyota's New In-Car Connectivity System

It was a momentous occasion for Toyota at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. After watching Ford monopolize in-car connectivity for four years and Kia enter the arena last year, the company had the opportunity to unveil its new Entune Multimedia System. Entune will debut on select Toyota models later this year.

Similar to competitors' systems, Toyota's Entune Multimedia System uses drivers' mobile phone data plan for connectivity. Users can simply download the Toyota Entune…
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2011 Toyota Highlander Crossover — Driven by New Enhancements

2011 Toyota Highlander and Toyota Highlander Hybrid crossover sport utility vehicles are not only designed to be more stylish. They feature additional standard amenities and updated technologies, making them leaders in the segment of active and passive safety features.

The 2011 Toyota Highlander design showcases a new front fascia, hood, and fenders. The profile is sleeker with chrome-accented black rockers. To complement the new look, the headlights, taillights and 17-inch alloy wheels are also redesigned…
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A Toyota Prius Pickup?

Is Toyota considering a Prius hybrid pickup truck to add to a new line-up of vehicles? Inquiring minds want to know, and all signs point to maybe.

Toyota has been planning an onslaught of Prius models for the next several years, including a "MPV" (the foreign equivalent of a minivan), a sporty coupe and now, apparently, a pickup truck. The Japanese auto maker hopes to combine their most aerodynamic vehicle with one of history's…
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Toyota RAV4 Electric Attracts Big Bucks

For years, Tesla did everything it could to be profitable while making drive trains that will help save the world. Now, with the help of Toyota, they may just do it.

Yes, Tesla has big investments of its own, but when you're losing $50 Million per year to stay in business, that cash goes quickly. But Tesla is here to stay - and Toyota knows this, which is why they've joined with Tesla to…
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Toyota Glass Blocks UV Rays

You know Toyota is head of all technology when it comes to automobiles. Their latest venture may help protect us from the sun. "Toyota has invented an innovative glass technology that claims to reduce ultraviolet (UV) light penetration into the front of the car by approximately 99 per cent," according to reports.

The front-door glass will be used in various new Toyota cars to be launched on international markets during 2011 - and maybe set to…
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Toyota Corolla Hatchback Spied

Toyota, the Japanese carmaker, seems determined to keep a promise that each model in its lineup will have a hybrid version. With the many vehicles ready to hit us next year, it's hard to tell which of them will have a bigger impact. For Toyota, high-profile models will come in the form of updated versions of already existing variants, including revised versions of existing technology.

Toyota is also planning a 'hatchback offensive' next year?
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Toyota Embraces Tesla Battery Packs

Toyota only recently joined up with electric car maker Tesla, in order to share alternative battery  technology. Some of the outcomes of this include the RAV4 electric, and now the Tesla laptop battery idea. At first, Tesla Motors building powerplants by connecting thousands of laptop batteries seems nuts, but in the end it is absolutely brilliant.

Toyota, along with several other high end car makers, is turning to laptop batteries as a quick, cheap way?
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Toyota iQ for 2012

Toyota is revving up more electric vehicle news, with the release of the RAV4 and Plug-in Prius. There's also a new, small Toyota iQ headed to the US in 2012.

Details are yet to be revealed, since the concept is still in project form. But more information is likely to emerge in the following months. Toyota will probably show a preview at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
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Toyota Plans 11 Hybrids by 2013

Toyota, the company that introduced Prius to the world, is planning on 11 new and revamped hybrid models by 2013. Toyota currently sells eight hybrids in the US, split between the Toyota and Lexus nameplates. By September, it's commitment to releasing six new models before 2012.

As Reuters reported this week: "One of the new releases will be a small hybrid with fuel economy the company says exceeds 40 km/L-equating to a whopping 94 mpg in Japanese testing.
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Toyota Offers Battery Recycling Program

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Toyota believes in keeping it green - that's why the Japanese auto maker has been ahead of the hybrid car competition for the last decade. Now, the company is reaching out to help those with electric car batteries recycle their used powerplants.

Traditional vehicles impliment lead-acid batteries; hybrid cars typically incorporate a separate nickel metal hydride (called NiMH) or Lithium-ion (called Li-ion) battery to generate electric power.
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