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How to Make the Most out of Gas

Below are a few recommendations from the EPA which estimate you could improve your fuel economy and save up to $690.56 in one year, based on a 16-gallon fuel tank that is re-filled once a week:

•    Regular tune-ups / emissions tests: up to 60 cents per gallon 
•    Replacing air filters regularly: up to 15 cents per gallon 
•    Properly-inflated tires: up to 5 cents per gallon 
•    Total potential savings: up to 83 cents per gallon
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Tech Talk: 30k Services

As Toyota vehicles have evolved to require less maintenance, tune-ups have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Today, maintenance services typically fall into 2 groups - minor (typically an oil change and/or tire rotation) and major. Major services fall at intervals of 30,000 miles, which is why we sometimes call them 'K Services' or '30K Services'.

A 30K service typically consists of the following, and runs between $130 and $140 (before any coupons that may be on our website), depending upon whether your vehicle requires conventional or synthetic oil:
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels
  • Replace cabin air filter…
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Tech Talk: Top 10 Car Care Tips

One of the things that make Toyota vehicles so popular is their longevity. Here in the shop, we frequently see vehicles with 100,00 or 200,000 miles under their fan belts (sorry - couldn't resist). The secret? I'm glad you asked...
  1. Check and change the oil. No single step will help an engine last more than regular oil and filter changes will. Conversely, nothing will destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.
  2. Flush the cooling system and change coolant once a year. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water will keep the…
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Special Editions are Back!

Toyota’s Camry sedan and Corolla (the world’s best-selling car of all-time), will add some extra summer sizzle with Special Editions for the 2016 model year.  Both models are expected to arrive in mid-August.

When redesigning the Camry for 2015, Toyota went bumper to bumper and floor to roof, changing or re-engineering nearly 2,000 parts. Only the roof remained unchanged. Based on the youthful Camry SE, the limited production Camry will add sporty interior and exterior features.

Corolla will launch of the 2016 Corolla Special Edition.  Sporty styling features inside and out complement steering wheel paddle shifters, rear…
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Tech Talk: Maintenance Tips to Help You $ave

Today’s vehicles are pretty easy to take care of. Rotate the tires, get regular oil changes, and you’re mostly good to go. Both of those tasks also help create a more fuel efficient car. But if you really want to maximize your dollars at the gas pump, here are 3 lesser-known maintenance tips that people tend to overlook:

1. Use the right oil. Whether you take your car for an oil change or you change it yourself, use the grade of motor oil recommended in your owner’s manual. For example, using 10W-30 motor oil in an engine…
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Employee Culture at Motorcars Toyota

There's a legend that Motorcars Toyota employees are born with a wrench in their hands. Aside from how awkward that would be, it's just not true - many of us come here with no automotive experience at all. Instead, we learn our love of all things auto and our dedication to Customer for Life service from the best role models around: our bosses, the Gile family.

When you treat employees like Customers, it rubs off. Matt Gile is the first to say when we do a good job, and the biggest cheerleader for every new idea that we have…
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Tire Inflation Guide

  • Check your tire pressure regularly.
  • Have your alignment & tire balance checked annually.
  • Rotate tires every 5,000 miles.
  • Visually check tires for uneven wear.
  • Replace tires when tread is less than 2/32” deep.
  • Improve fuel economy by keeping tires inflated properly. 
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Motorcars Raises $135,000 for CASA

In October, Motorcars' Amber and Courtney Gile helped raise $55,000 to benefit CASA, a local charity that provides necessities such as shoes and braces for Northeast Ohio's abused and neglected children.

We are proud of their work and dedication to this cause. In the last 2 months alone, Motorcars has raised more than $135,000 for local nonprofits, on top of our ongoing food collection program to benefit our area's needy families. Motorcars is committed to serving our community as a responsible corporate citizen. To find out how you can help, visit Motorcars Honda today.
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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter may ruin our roads, but it doesn't need to ruin our cars. Here are a few tips to stay safe and comfortable in the whiteouts to come.
  • The most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running well is to change the engine oil on schedule. And remember to use the proper grade motor oil and a genuine Toyota oil filter.
  • Make sure to replace worn out wiper blades to ensure a clear view of the road under all conditions.
  • Being able to stop your vehicle is a critical part of driving. Inspect your brakes at…
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Motorcars Raises $80,000 for Brain Injury Research

Just 3 short years ago, Motorcars' principal, Chuck Gile, experienced a traumatic brain injury, and was given a poor prognosis for survival. Thanks to the good folks at Metro Health's Brain Injury Unit, he has not only survived - he came out of the experience just fine.

To say thanks, Motorcars recently held a charity golf outing. We raised $80,000 to support the research and good work that these folks do. Thank you, Metro Health BIU, for saving our boss!
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