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We're Back on Social Media!

Since its creation in 2009, our Twitter account has been -- ugh -- hibernating. Now, however, we’re happy to announce we’re actively tweeting.

Over at we’re now posting our most enticing used car deals, from pickup trucks to Ferraris. Well, only one Ferrari so far. We also periodically tweet out videos, articles, and other information about all of the great stuff we have going on over here.

In other social media news, we’re now actively using Facebook now! Check out both of our stores at and

Not only will…
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A New Meaning to "Roaming" Coverage

While many of us take connectivity for granted, in many remote areas like the Australian Outback getting coverage is a constant struggle. Besides limiting access to social media, entertainment, and news, a lack of coverage can sometimes mean that people in need have no means of contacting help and people at risk can’t be notified of danger. To help solve this problem, Toyota has created a network of long-range WiFi hotspots. But these hotspots aren’t towers, and they aren’t fixed. They’re a roaming network of interconnected Toyota Land Cruisers.

The Land Cruiser is one of Australia…

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Avalon and Prius Earn Acclaim for Safety

Because the organization can only realistically crash-test a select few models per year, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) selects vehicles that will be important, high selling models, and/or cars that have been structurally redesigned. For the 2016 Avalon and Prius, that meant that 2016 was their time to shine, and shine they did.

The Prius and Avalon join the elite few vehicles that have a 5 star overall crash test rating. That means they both have far below average likelihood that occupants will be injured in case of a front or side collision. Additionally, this means…

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Toyota Introduces Online Express Purchase

Fans of Scion’s Pure Process Plus rejoice! Toyota is introducing a new, online purchase program called Express Purchase.

Customers who prefer a low-pressure buying experience can log onto Toyota’s website, where they’ll have access to Express Purchase. There, they can browse new and pre-owned inventory. Once customers settle on a car, they can get their trade-in offer online, allowing them to save time when they eventually do go to the dealership.

Not only that, but Express Purchase allows users to apply for financing online, helping them to get the best rate and lock it in before they…

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Life Saving Zeros

Every few years, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) releases statistics for how many collision-related deaths there are in each vehicle model. The most recent statistics for crash-related deaths are for the period between 2009-2012, where the worst-performing car was the Kia Rio at 149 deaths per million vehicles registered. The average was 28 deaths per million vehicles. So what about the Highlander Hybrid and Sequoia? 0.

Over three years, not a single person died in a collision in one of the two large Toyota SUVs. Only seven other vehicles can claim this honor, including one Lexus. That means…

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The Million Mile Tundra

Matt Farah, an automotive journalist made famous through his podcast, “The Smoking Tire,” famously purchased a Lexus LS400 with over 900,000 miles, determined to take it to one million miles. But Victor Sheppard of Louisiana beat him there.

As the sole owner of the 2007 Tundra, he put an average of around 120,000 miles per year, driving from his home to states as far away as North Dakota as part of his job. Part of his long-term success stems from his commitment to routine maintenance, servicing the car a whopping 117 times at his local dealership, Greg LeBlanc…

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Toyota C-HR

Toyota has unveiled a new compact SUV dubbed the C-HR. Originally revealed at the LA Auto Show last fall as a Scion, Toyota’s decision to discontinue the Scion brand has led to the C-HR being rebranded a Toyota.

The new SUV will be similar in size to offerings like the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-2, slotting below the RAV-4. The C-HR takes Toyota styling into a newer, bolder direction with an aggressive fascia and sharp sheetmetal. The C-HR will be the second vehicle (after the Prius) to ride on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) that will allow for…

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2016 Prius Cheaper to Fuel Than Tesla

One of the biggest reasons to invest in an electric car is the monumental fuel savings they offer. Buy a Tesla and your spending on transportation drops to near $0. Or so we thought.

Toyota, however, is proving that there is still a financial case for hybrid cars. According to Tesla’s own calculations, a Model S will require 33.0kWh of electricity to travel 100 miles. At $0.13/kWh (the true average for the Cleveland area is more like $0.138, but Tesla only allows two decimals), that means it costs $4.29 to go 100 miles in…

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How Motorcars = More

by Mack Hogan

Every day we get less and less. Prices go up as size goes down. Gas goes up as we drive more and more. Everyone chases the lowest common denominator: how little can we give the customer while still getting business. At Motorcars, we believe in the power of loyalty and referrals. That’s how we do business, and that’s why we offer you more.

We give you more time. Come in, buy a car, and we’ll deliver your new vehicle in an hour. We'll even bring it to your home or workplace - no extra…
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What's A Zubie and Why Do I Want Them?

Everything is 'smart' these days... smart phones, smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, and on and on. It was only a matter of time before someone invented a way to make your car smart, right? And that's where Zubie comes in.

Zubie is a small device that we install in your car in less than 10 minutes. Then you download a simple application to your phone or computer and, from that moment on, your car can talk to you. And buy, does it have a lot to say! For example:
  • Where your kids took it
  • Whether they drove above the speed…
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