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Who Killed the Loaner Car

Loaners used to be a staple at every garage -- even the mom & pop shop on the corner had a few cars to run around in while your car got serviced. In general, if your car needed a repair that would take a significant amount of time then you could usually get a car to use for free. Now, almost no one offers that service.

At a dealer, you’re sometimes offered a rental. At luxury brand dealers, loaners are still available.  At an independent mechanic or chain store, you’re out of luck.

First, we have to talk about the…

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Toyota Takes on the Legendary Le Mans 24 Hours

As you can imagine, here at MotorCars Toyota, our team is quite fond of car racing, particularly when it comes to this year's FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season and the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race. To learn more about this iconic race and Toyota's plan to take on its competition, our team encourages you to read on below:

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The Modern Tune-Up

I have bad news: your car needs a tune-up. Today. Have you ever taken it into the shop for one? Exactly. But there’s an upside! Your car gives itself a tune-up every time you drive. The idea of taking it in for a tune-up is a thing of the past.

In the old days, you would get a tune-up to adjust the carburetors, distributor, ignition points, and emissions equipment. The mechanic adjusted them so they were all perfectly set, as they would go out of “tune” over time from normal wear. But now, with ignition points, valve timing, fuel…

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Toyota Unveils Self Balancing Wheelchair

Toyota has partnered with DEKA Research and Development to create a self-balancing wheelchair. DEKA, a venture of the inventor of the Segway, licensed the balancing technology of the Segway to help Toyota create a new mobility-enhancing wheelchair dubbed the iBOT.

The chair’s unique technology not only allows motion with only two wheels on the ground, but also provides the ability to climb stairs. Stairs have always been a significant hurdle for those with limited mobility, but with the iBOT owners can finally enter raised areas without the help of ramps or elevators.

Not only does the chair allow people…

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Cleveland One of the Best Cities for Jobs

Bloomberg recently released their list of the top 20 cities in the U.S. for jobs. Usual suspects like Seattle and San Francisco made the cut, alongside a newcomer: Cleveland. Appearing in the 15th spot on the list, Cleveland was singled out for a low cost of living combined with good work-life balance and good salaries.

The report was based not only on open positions compared to population, but also factored in things like how salaries fare adjusted to cost of living, how happy people are with their work-life balance, and job satisfaction ratings. Much of the data was provided…

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How Many Lives Have Airbags Saved?

“How about we pack a bomb into the steering wheel that explodes when the car crashes and pretty much punches the driver in the face” - The guy who invented airbags, probably.

At first, they seem counterintuitive. When has adding explosives to anything made it more safe? But when Mercedes introduced the first airbag over 30 yea rs ago, they took the industry by storm. They’ve proven to be one of the three most important milestones in vehicle safety, along with seat belts and crumple zones.

And they’re only getting more popular. Today, cars offer knee airbags, airbags built…

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We're Back on Social Media!

Since its creation in 2009, our Twitter account has been -- ugh -- hibernating. Now, however, we’re happy to announce we’re actively tweeting.

Over at we’re now posting our most enticing used car deals, from pickup trucks to Ferraris. Well, only one Ferrari so far. We also periodically tweet out videos, articles, and other information about all of the great stuff we have going on over here.

In other social media news, we’re now actively using Facebook now! Check out both of our stores at and

Not only will…
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A New Meaning to "Roaming" Coverage

While many of us take connectivity for granted, in many remote areas like the Australian Outback getting coverage is a constant struggle. Besides limiting access to social media, entertainment, and news, a lack of coverage can sometimes mean that people in need have no means of contacting help and people at risk can’t be notified of danger. To help solve this problem, Toyota has created a network of long-range WiFi hotspots. But these hotspots aren’t towers, and they aren’t fixed. They’re a roaming network of interconnected Toyota Land Cruisers.

The Land Cruiser is one of Australia…

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Avalon and Prius Earn Acclaim for Safety

Because the organization can only realistically crash-test a select few models per year, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) selects vehicles that will be important, high selling models, and/or cars that have been structurally redesigned. For the 2016 Avalon and Prius, that meant that 2016 was their time to shine, and shine they did.

The Prius and Avalon join the elite few vehicles that have a 5 star overall crash test rating. That means they both have far below average likelihood that occupants will be injured in case of a front or side collision. Additionally, this means…

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Toyota Introduces Online Express Purchase

Fans of Scion’s Pure Process Plus rejoice! Toyota is introducing a new, online purchase program called Express Purchase.

Customers who prefer a low-pressure buying experience can log onto Toyota’s website, where they’ll have access to Express Purchase. There, they can browse new and pre-owned inventory. Once customers settle on a car, they can get their trade-in offer online, allowing them to save time when they eventually do go to the dealership.

Not only that, but Express Purchase allows users to apply for financing online, helping them to get the best rate and lock it in before they…

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