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How Motorcars = More

by Mack Hogan

Every day we get less and less. Prices go up as size goes down. Gas goes up as we drive more and more. Everyone chases the lowest common denominator: how little can we give the customer while still getting business. At Motorcars, we believe in the power of loyalty and referrals. That’s how we do business, and that’s why we offer you more.

We give you more time. Come in, buy a car, and we’ll deliver your new vehicle in an hour. We'll even bring it to your home or workplace - no extra…
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We're Hiring!

As we grow, our demand for hard workers increases. Are you retired but looking to get back into the working world? Do you want to be part of an organization that values your efforts, and pays you more for doing more? Our Customer Care Center needs more computer-savvy, Customer for Life champions.

Does that describe you? If it does, send your resume to Motorcars today.
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Best Dealerships to Work For

Motorcars was recently ranked among the 100 top dealerships to work for in the U.S. by Automotive News (out of 18,000 contenders - WOOT!), and in keeping with tradition, the Gile family (our owners) threw a grand party for us and our families that included food trucks, wine, live entertainment, ice cream, tours of our new Honda Platinum Lounge and service assembly line by CEO Chuck Gile, and a heck of a lot of…
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New Chat Service

We understand that your time is valuable, and that timely service is something that you have a right to expect. With that in mind, we have recently upgraded our sites' chat application to Sightmax.

This new chat service allows us to see what you are looking at on our pages, answer your questions about various models, features, and services (including your service history), and even book service and sales reservations on the fly.

You'll find the Sightmax chat application on the bottom right of our sites. Don't be surprised if we pop up to ask how we can…
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Our New Call Center

Our New Call Center
We heard you: You don't want to be a tennis ball, bounced between different departments when you call. With that in mind, we've made some improvements:

When you call our Service line (855-664-6193), the person who picks up can answer basic service questions, look up your vehicle's history, and schedule your next reservation.

When you call our Sales line (888-807-7397), the person who answers can schedule a professional appraisal, answer basic questions about each model, and let you know details about our current inventory, whether new or pre-owned.

This change is designed to…
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Employee Culture at Motorcars Toyota

There's a legend that Motorcars Toyota employees are born with a wrench in their hands. Aside from how awkward that would be, it's just not true - many of us come here with no automotive experience at all. Instead, we learn our love of all things auto and our dedication to Customer for Life service from the best role models around: our bosses, the Gile family.

When you treat employees like Customers, it rubs off. Matt Gile is the first to say when we do a good job, and the biggest cheerleader for every new idea that we have…
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Toyota Cares About More Than Just Cars

Toyota does more than just build fantastic cars. They are also dedicated to giving back to their community and helping as many people as they can. In the video below, you can hear about a couple of the things Toyota is doing to give back.

As you saw in the video, Toyota really does a lot to help local communities. They teach non-profits ways to optimize their work, offer safe driving classes to teens and…

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Toyota Pays Workers to Build Habitat for Humanity Homes

It is hard to keep up with all of the world's current events. Between floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, the killing of a terrorist leader, a royal wedding, and a tsunami, for better or worse, this world is a busy, intense place. That is why we are happy to bring you a simple, heartwarming story from the good people at Toyota.

After the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, Toyota's Tundra facility in San…

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Toyota Launches 'Ideas for Good' Initiative

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. announced its new brand campaign, "Ideas for Good," a unique initiative centered on what the company has been doing for many years-repurposing its innovative automotive technology to benefit society in the non-automotive space. The campaign builds upon Toyota's DNA of quality, reliability and durability, as well as its commitment to innovation, by inviting consumers to share their own ideas to improve quality of life beyond the automotive world.
An extension of Toyota's enduring commitment towards continuous improvement, the "Ideas for Good" initiative empowers people to imagine new possibilities for Toyota technologies.
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