Toyota Hybrid Owners are Most Brand Loyal

The Motorcars Toyota lot, conveniently located at 2950 Mayfield Rd., features a wide range of new Toyota models, both hybrid and non-hybrid. See, Toyota takes fuel economy seriously. It's why the Japanese automaker has created the Prius family of cars, which is comprised of the original Toyota Prius, the larger Toyota Prius v, the smaller Toyota Prius c, and the eco-friendly Toyota Prius Plug-In.

It's also why Toyota leads all other automakers in terms of both brand loyalty as a whole and within the hybrid segment. Specifically, R.L. Polk recently published a study that found only 35 percent of hybrid owners would buy another such vehicle. This statistic accounts for every automaker out there, though, and not just Toyota. When the numbers are broken down by automaker, the number of drivers who'd buy another Toyota hybrid shoots from 35 to 60 percent.

How does Toyota do it? Aside from envious gas mileage and a solid build quality, Toyota has extended its hybrid offerings beyond the Prius brand name. For instance, the mid-size Toyota Camry Hybrid offers attention-grabbing style, while the recently-unveiled Toyota NSX concept takes the plug-in hybrid platform to the next level.

As for why the competition can't keep up? Polk Loyalty Management Practice Director, Brad Smith notes that "Having a hybrid in the product lineup can certainly give a brand a competitive edge when it comes to attracting new customers."1 However, the magic of a gimmicky hybrid wears off fast. As he says, "The repurchase rates of hybrid vehicles are an indication that consumers are continuing to seek alternative solutions to high fuel prices."2


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