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Toyota Expands Production At WV Facility

With the goal of expanding annual production of six-speed automatic transmissions, Toyota is planning to invest $64,000,000.00 in its West Virginia facility. Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia currently builds six-speed transmissions for many of Toyota's V6-engine models, including the Toyota Avalon, the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Sienna, the Toyota Venza, and even the Lexus RS350. Such a lofty investment is expected to bump the plant's annual transmission capacity to just…

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Toyota Developing Magnesium Batteries

A better way to power electric cars… a quest for automakers and seemingly elusive wish of consumers. However, Toyota Motor Co., the world's largest seller of hybrid autos is on it. Their most current initiative is developing a magnesium battery that holds twice the energy of lithium-ion cells. And according to the engineer managing the U.S. project, Jeffrey Makarewiez, the work in Ann Arbor complements other future electric-power chemistries at Toyota labs in…

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