Toyota Prius v Details

Toyota Prius, as you've likely heard, is expanding their Prius lineup. Among the up and comers is the 2012 Prius v designed to accommodate active families on the go.

Let's start with the name, shall we? Befittingly, the new 2012 Toyota Prius v comfortably seats five passengers. Unofficially, the "v" might stand for versatility, offering four distinctive seat configurations.

And, no matter what adventure you and the fam are embarking on, it promises more than enough room for all of your necessary cargo, too. The 2012 Toyota Prius v offers "more cargo space than 80% of small SUVs,"1 says Bob Carter, Vice President and General Manager, Toyota Division Group.

Behind the rear seat, the 2012 Toyota Prius v lends 34 cubic feet of storage space - perfect for toting anything from groceries to camping equipment to sports gear. If you need even more room, remember, you can always reconfigure the seats.

Another benefit of the new Toyota Prius v is it's exceptionally easy to clean - key when you're toting around kids and animals. The seats, for example, are upholstered in stain-resistant SofTex (designed to offer the same luxe feel and look of leather).

2012 Toyota Prius v Features and Benefits At a Glance

-    Rear-wheel-drive system built around a 1.8-liter, 98-hp, four-cylinder mill
-    Envious Fuel Economy: Anticipated at 5.35L/100km (1.41gal/62mi) on the highway, 5.88L/100km (1.55gal/62mi) in the city
-    Recalibrated suspension
-    Seven standard airbags
-    Push-button start
-    Rear-view camera
-    Four Driving Modes: Normal, Power, Eco, and EV
-    Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
-    Six high-performance speakers
-    6.1-inch screen - fully integrates with iPhones, and serves to manage audio and video files and host Toyota's new infotainment system, Entune

Interested in learning more about the 2012 Prius v, available starting fall 2011? Stop by or call Motorcars Toyota in Cleveland Heights, OH.

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