Toyota Supplier Awards

Every year, the Toyota Motor Company, along with TEMA (Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America) awards part manufacturers with Supplier of the Year honors. "The awards are designed to recognize suppliers who have exceeded the company's expectations in several categories, namely quality performance, value improvement, supplier diversity and launch performance."

Robert Young, TEMA's purchasing vice president, also stated at the event: "Toyota works closely with each supplying partner in order to build our top quality vehicles. This event emphasizes our suppliers' commitment to flexibility and continuous improvement, allowing Toyota to focus on building safe and reliable products."

Recipients of TEMA's Superior Award for quality performance include: DTR Industries located in Bluffton, Ohio; Mahle in Farmington Hills, Michigan; OTICS in Morristown, Tennessee and US Engine Valve in Westminster, South Carolina.Quality performance awards were given to Aisin World Corp. of America, Denso, DTR Industries, International Crankshaft, Mahle, OTICS and US Engine Valve. Value improvement awards went to Arvin Sango and Denso, with supplier diversity awards going to Delphi, FIC America, Johnson Controls, Mitchell Plastics and Bosch.

Toyota currently produces 12 vehicles in North America, including the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Highlander - which can all be taken for a test drive today at Motorcars Toyota in Cleveland Heights.



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